Types of Spiders in Puget Sound

How to identify and remove invasive spiders.

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Hobo Spiders
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Venomous – Possible bites to people and animals.

Signs to Look For

Aggressive House Spiders (Hobo Spiders) are the most common home invaders in the Pacific Northwest. There are three species, the largest of which can become 1 to 2 inches in length overall or more. They are typically brown with grayish markings, hairy and very quick. They can be alarming because of their size and speed. Only one of the three species is prone to bite, Tegenaria agrestis, and its bite has some similarities to the Brown Recluse spider, though not as potent. Many times in the Washington, spider bites that are blamed on the Brown Recluse are really the work of the Aggressive House Spider.

Where are they noticed?

While these house spiders do spin webs, they are usually noticed near the ground floor because they are not the best climbers. It’s very rare that you’ll see one on the ceiling or high up on the wall. They can be found anywhere debris is, often being under boxes or stored items in homes as well as any other type of debris, indoors or outdoors. Almost any location that is dry is a possibility.


In the fall, the males will leave their webs in search of a mate. That is when many homeowners will see this spider walking around in various areas of the home. They can be numerous and it is unnerving to see them.

If Untreated…

No financial damage can occur, unless medical expenses result as a result from a bite. If populations are allowed to grow, then an infestation can increase the likelihood that a person or pet could be bitten.


Remove any debris stored unnecessarily in and around the structure. Perform an exterior spider treatment in the spring and fall of each year which can greatly reduce the normal spider population around any structure. Hobo Spiders are commonly misidentified. Giant House Spiders look very similar to the hobo spider. Here’s a guide to help tell the difference between a Hobo Spider and a Giant House Spider.

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