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My name is Corey Smith. I am the owner and operator of Classic Pest Control & Insulation
. I began working in the pest control industry in 1994 after an honorable discharge from the United States Army. In 1997, I became the owner and have been working in the industry ever since. I have been in this business for over 25 years now and have owned the business for over 22 years.

Since 1994, we are happy to have grown to a staff of 25 employees with a commercial office located in Mount Vernon, Washington. With multiple service awards from the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, we have proven to be a company you can trust and rely on to get your job done!

Our mission is to grow our business by providing excellent service to all our customers.

We strive to meet our customers’ needs with our knowledge, skills, and hard work. We strive to earn their trust through our honesty, integrity and dependability.

We believe our customer should not only get everything they are paying for, but that they should get it with friendliness and professionalism.

Our philosophy is simple: We strive for excellence. In our company meetings I tell my employees how we define excellence: “Giving the customer what they’ve paid for, from start to finish.” It is that simple.

No sales gimmicks or tricks. I’m a consumer like everyone else. I don’t like someone trying to sell me something I don’t need, so we don’t do it here. We will tell you what you need, not what we want you to buy. That’s why we don’t make our customers sign contracts or remain obligated. You can use us for one service or many. We leave the decision up to you.

We are a service based business not a sales based business. When a company is providing an excellent service then referrals and increased sales are a natural result.

We started out in 1997 as a full service pest control company. But as the demand grew and our skills became more proficient, we started offering insulation and rodent exclusion services in 2000.

The truth is many of our customers needed new insulation installed and their crawlspaces cleaned up after rodent infestations had ruined them. They also needed a company that could find the holes the rodents were using to enter the home and get those holes sealed. At that time there were no companies who offered those services. We realized we could make it easier on our customers by offering rodent elimination, clean up and exclusion services.

We put 25 years of rodent elimination experience to work by being the best choice for clean up and exclusion work as well. Who better to seal rodents out and clean up their mess than the people who are experts at getting rid of them in the first place?

Now all of our customers can put their trust in us to take care of the entire job. We were one of the first pest control companies to get started in the local insulation industry and we specialize in taking care of homeowners and their properties. Our first insulation jobs were our current pest control customers, and then our customer base quickly grew by word of mouth. As an owner I could see that people simply wanted someone to show up on time and do the work that was supposed to be done and that is how our business has grown, by treating customers the way we would want to be treated.

As a result, the business has grown considerably. We have become very knowledgeable about insulation as well as pest control and now work for a variety of fire and water damage restoration contractors, plumbers, electricians, roofers, heating and air conditioning contractors and remodeling contractors. All for the same reason; we show up and do what were supposed to do and we do it well.

To this day, I have not seen a company that does a better job than we do. Some may do it as well, but I have not seen anyone do it better.

We show up on time
We will get rid of the pests quickly
We won't try to sell you contracts
Customer satisfaction means everything

What Makes Classic Pest Control & Insulation Different

When you hire someone to do this work, they need to pay attention to detail:
• Cleaning rodent droppings from pier pads and footings.
• Cutting vapor barriers to fit and staking them to the soil, not simply throwing the plastic down.
• Cleaning as thoroughly as we can: which means removing accessible construction debris and garbage as well as soiled insulation.
• This is critical: Having the experience to find the holes rodents are using to enter the structure and getting them sealed. I have personally trained my staff to do just that. If that part of the job does not get done correctly the whole problem will start all over again.

• We answer your phone calls and questions personally. Our office staff prides themselves on answering the phone when it rings. There are no answering services here and our staff is very knowledgeable. Violet, our office manager and Kathy, her assistant, each have over 18 years of experience.
• You don’t have to wait long for a phone call back. We value your business.
• I personally work with my technicians every day to ensure quality work, and I trust them implicitly. If I am not absolutely certain I can trust a technician, they do not drive one of my trucks.

• Across the board, from scheduling to servicing, we give you an outstanding, high quality experience.
• If you are disappointed for any reason, we want to know why.
• We take care of problems if they arise. I don’t measure a company by whether or not there is a problem. Companies are staffed by humans and humans make mistakes. I do measure a company by what they do when there is a problem. Do they take care of it or try to pretend it didn’t happen? We take care of problems, and we do it quickly.

• We know that honesty and integrity mean everything in the world of business. Companies that do poor quality work do not succeed, and just as importantly, do not get the referrals that allow any service business to flourish.
• On a personal basis, I value my sleep at night. I sleep well when I know without a doubt I have treated every customer with integrity and honesty.
• I know that a clean conscience is more valuable than any amount of money.

• Our staff is clean cut, professional and properly licensed.
• You don’t need to worry about your safety because our technicians are performing work to industry standards.
• Our employees are knowledgeable, or they won’t be working at your home.

We've been the recipient of the Angi Super Service Award for 11 consecutive years

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We believe our customers should not only get everything they are paying for but that they should get it with friendliness and professionalism.


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