Powder Post Beetles

How to identify and remove powder post beetles.

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Powder Post Beetles
Pest Category
Wood Boring Insect
Do They Carry Disease?
Do They Cause Structural Damage?
Cost of Damage
Other Damage?

Can cause significant damage to structural lumber in any type of structure.

Signs to Look For

Flight Holes (where adults have emerged from lumber), Frass (digested and excreted wood) Adult Insects

Where are they noticed?

Adult insects can be seen anywhere, especially during warmer months of the season. Flight holes frass can be noticed at all times of the year in structural lumber.

If Untreated…

Repairs can range into the thousands of dollars if left untreated. This species can cause a great deal of damage to any structure.


Anobiid Beetle emerge from lumber during the summer months. In the larval stage they feed on lumber during the spring and summer. The females can mate several times over a 1 to 5 year life cycle and deposit their eggs onto the surface of lumber. The eggs hatch in about 8 days and then larva begin to tunnel into the wood where they can remain for years depending on temperature, moisture content and quality of lumber infested. Once grown to the adult stage, the wood destroying insects create a hole and exit and the process begins anew. Adult insects are most commonly nocturnal.


All structural lumber affected must be sprayed with a residual product that kills these insects in the larval stage and prevents adults from depositing eggs on the surface of lumber. If this is done properly, the infestation will be terminated.

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