House Mice

How to identify and remove house mice.

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House Mouse
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Do They Carry Disease?
Do They Cause Structural Damage?
Cost of Damage
Other Damage?
ducting and or insulation to your crawl space or attic
electrical wiring and plumbing in and around structures
can also infest furniture and automobiles
anywhere a safe and quiet, harborage can be found
Signs to Look For
Noises at night are a sure sign.
Foraging and building of nests at night is a common habit of most rodents.
Droppings and urine stain in attic and crawlspace insulation as well as smudges caused by rats and mice entering in and out of an opening consistently.
Their fur is rather oily and that oil rubs off when they come in and out of the same opening, eventually leaving a dark colored smudge.
One of the best indicators of a rat and/or mouse infestation is noise.
Scratching, clawing sounds in the late evening and early morning hours. Often times customers hear noises coming from the heat ducting that runs underneath or above the structure.
Both rats and mice tend to make nests in the insulation around the ducting and the floor registers because that area tends to be warmed by the heat from the furnace. Household pets will scratch, stare and sit by floor registers because they can hear the rodent activity. When a pet begins to do this it is a good sign that something is wrong.
If Untreated…

Rodents are often adaptive enough to live close with man, where they can cause minor to severe damage to things like wiring or your home’s insulation. This damage can be structural to a home with nesting behaviors. The constant growth of a rodent’s teeth throughout its life requires them to consistently maintain this growth by chewing on wiring, drywall, and internal structural components of a home or business. In most cases the rodents are a constant problem throughout the year, but certain times of the year are more problematic. Colder weather often escalates the problem, when these rodents begin to seek shelter and warmth. Being that most rodents are omnivores, there are a myriad of options for them to feed, and a food source will keep them around. Rodents are often very consistent in their behaviors including the use of the same paths throughout a home or business. This consistency makes it easier to keep them out of your house using rodent exclusion or by calling in a Classic Insulation and Pest Control mice exterminator to rid them of your home.


Mice of all species are constantly on the look out for food. They also are prolific breeders. A female, if temperature and food sources are favorable, can birth litters of approximately 6 young every 40 to 50 days. Mice are great climbers and are known to jump as well. They eat many times throughout the day, though usually small quantities at each feeding and can go for 3 to 4 months at a time without drinking water. House mice tend not to travel very far from their nests. They can be detected by the droppings they leave and the smell of urine stain.

Where are they noticed?

Bird feeders and pet food left outside are a magnet for these animals. A strong rodent control program needs to incorporate the following: Thorough inspection to determine the type of rodent that is being addressed. Finding and sealing the holes that rodents are using to enter the structure. The use of bait and traps and other applicable rodent control measures. Continuous monitoring of the baiting, trapping and other measures installed, as a deceased rodent is still a possible food source and source of unpleasant odor within the structure. Finally, identify and address the conditions that led to the infestation. There are also possible concerns to humans concerning living conditions.

Photo of Damage

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Rats carry harmful diseases that people can get through bites, eating contaminated food or water, or inhaling germs that get released into the air by rat urine or droppings.

Rats can transmit more diseases than any other pest. In Fact, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists 26 that are directly or indirectly spread by rodents.

Rats can chew through everything from insulation and electrical wiring to walls, floors, and furniture, which cause structural damage costing thousands of dollars to fix.

Pest Control can help get rid of mice in your home, and it’s important that you do get rid of them. Rodents, including mice, can carry dangerous diseases … some fatal. They also can cause structural damage to your home. Since they are smaller than rats, mice can be hard to notice. So it’s important to know the signs to look for that can indicate that your home may have been invaded by these rodents. For example, you — or more likely your pets — may hear scratching noises at night inside walls and ceilings. You may notice droppings or urine stains. It’s best to get professional pest control help in getting rid of mice and sealing up entry points to prevent new invasions. Getting rid of mice will protect your family from disease and help you avoid costly repairs to your home.

Yes, Pest Control also can help get rid of rats. Rats can destroy your home and steal your peace, so it’s important to get professional help right away to deal with these rodents. At Classic Pest Control, we know that it can be overwhelming to know there are rats in your home. That’s why we have a full-service plan including exclusion, cleanup and sanitation, and preventative maintenance to deal with them. Like mice, rats can carry dangerous diseases and can cause significant, costly structural damage. Whether they’re roof rats or Norway rats, they need to be gone. And it’s not something you should try to do yourself.

  1. Trap & remove the rodents already in your home.
  2. Carefully & safely clean up the mess they left behind
  3. Keep them out, by sealing up any holes and other entry points

At the most basic level, pest control is the process of keeping unwanted pests out of your home or business. Pests can be rodents, insects, or spiders. Some pests carry disease, while others can cause costly damage to your property. Either way, it is unsafe to allow pests to coexist with you. Pest control professionals can identify and remove unwanted pests, and they can then take preventive steps to keep them from coming back. Pest control keeps your home and family safe and gives you peace of mind.

You need pest control because without it, your home and family are at risk. Pests can carry bacteria and expose your family to harmful diseases. Uncontrolled pests also can cause costly damage to your property. Pests do not simply go away on their own. You must take the proper steps to get rid of them. You should be in control, not those unwanted pests. Pest control is all about regaining that power and peace of mind.

There are different methods of pest control — chemical pesticides, natural measurespreventive best practices, baits and traps, and exclusionary steps, to name a few. The goal of each of these methods is to get rid of unwanted pests that are currently invading your home and then keep them from returning.

The simple answer is this: right now. Preventing pest problems in the first place is the best option. And even if you can’t see them, you may have unwanted pests lurking about in your home. They need to be dealt with before the issue gets larger and out of hand, which it can do rapidly with certain types of pests. If it has already gotten to the point of seeing pests frequently or seeing evidence of them (like droppings, tracks, webs, etc.), there is absolutely no time to waste. It’s especially imperative to call a professional when removing rodents and pests that could be dangerous. When in doubt, call a professional for guidance.

The three basic types of pest control are extermination, removal, and prevention. Extermination kills the unwanted pests. Removal includes trapping and removing live pests as well as removing dead pests, which can be just as unpleasant and dangerous. Prevention is about taking the steps necessary to keep them from coming back … or from invading in the first place. A professional pest control provider will be able to advise you on which type is best for your particular pest situation.

Yes, it is worth it to get pest control. Pest control keeps your home and family healthy and safe. Pest control can prevent costly damage to your property. Pest control can save you the time of dealing with bigger pest issues and give you peace of mind.

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