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We Proudly Serve Bothell and Surrounding Areas

Yes, we serve Bothell. We put 25 years of pest control experience to work serving the greater Washington state area, providing residential pest control services from Seattle to local cities like Bothell. We are happily located in a commercial office in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Classic Pest Control & Insulation provides pest solutions for all general pests. We also provide preventative Pest Services and Rodent Control Services.

Unlike many pest control companies, We provide Rodent Clean Up, restoration Services and Exclusion services. For example, if you rodents infesting your crawl space, we would eliminate the pests, remove them, figure out how they got in and repair their former entry point. We even replace damaged insulation.

If you have a unique situation and want more clarification, please feel free to contact us.

Classic Pest Control and Insulation will remove any bothersome or dangerous pests from your home or yard and take steps to prevent re-entry. We take an integrated pest management approach and provide year-round pest control solutions to make sure that your pest issues are covered no matter the season.

You need pest control because, without it, your home and family are at risk of common pests entering your home. Pests can carry bacteria and expose your family to harmful diseases. Uncontrolled pests also can cause costly damage to your property. These critters do not simply go away on their own. You must take the proper steps to get rid of them. You should be in control, not those unwanted pests. Pest control services are all about regaining that power and peace of mind.

Depending on the type of pest infestation, left untreated could cost up to thousands of dollars in damage to your home. This is why you want to have pest management methods in place right away.

Pests like termites and rodents can cause lasting structural damage to your home. So termite control treatment and rodent removal, exclusion, and cleanup are essential if you are dealing with an infestation. Other insects, like cockroaches and fleas, won’t cause structural damage, but they can spread disease and cause long-term health effects like dysentery, allergies, and diarrhea. Specific pests, like roaches, can be very difficult to get rid of, and it’s important that you call in expert local pest control technicians to get rid of your home pests. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

Some methods of pest control attract bugs into traps using bait. And sometimes homeowners will start noticing more bugs as pest control treatments start working. These are not new bugs coming into your home. They’re bugs that have been in your home all along, but now they’re dying or trying to find new places to live as your home becomes a pest-free zone. Talk to your pest control professional if you’re noticing more live bugs once you’ve started your treatment plan because something may have been missed or just not be quite right.

No, all pest control companies are not the same. Not everyone holds themselves to the high standards that we do here at Classic Pest Control. What makes us different from others is our attention to detail, our knowledgeable staff, our quality service, our honesty, integrity, years of experience, and professionalism. We’re proud to have been the recipient of the Angi Super Service Award for 11 consecutive years. Not all pest control companies can say the same. We are veteran owned and operated, and this is a family business. Our family cares about your family.

Sometimes you see more bugs after pest control treatments. And you may question if the treatment is actually working because of this. Don’t worry. The extra activity actually is a sign that the treatment IS working. Not all pest control methods kill bugs on contact. But once the bugs have been disrupted by the treatment, they will become more active while they try to find a safer place. Once they either move out or die, you’ll stop seeing them. If you continue to see more live bugs once you’ve started treatment, be sure to notify your pest control company because something may have been missed or just not be quite right. Technicians are human, after all, and if there’s a problem, we want to fix it for you. At least, that’s our policy here at Classic Pest Control! We take care of problems, and we do it quickly.

The number of hours you need to stay out of your home after spraying for bugs depends on the pesticides and chemicals used for your specific pest problem. Sometimes this is two to four hours. Sometimes it’s up to 24 hours or more. If you or your family members have any underlying conditions that make you more sensitive to the pesticides and chemicals used, these time frames may be extended.

This is absolutely a question you must ask your pest control provider. We recommend having this discussion when you schedule the service so that you’re fully prepared when the technician arrives. You should feel comfortable asking this question of any staff member who answers the phone or any technician who arrives at your home. At Classic Pest Control, we have a knowledgeable staff that you can trust with all of your questions and to solve all your pest problems.

The determination of how often you should do pest control in your home also depends on the treatment methods you’re using and the severity of your pest infestation. You may need treatments more often as you’re initially treating the problem. You may need pest services less often if your treatment methods are longer lasting.

The goal is that your home is always protected and pest-free. Your pest control provider can help you create a treatment schedule to keep your home and family safe from pests based on all of the particulars of your situation.

Here at Classic Pest Control, our philosophy is that we’re a service-based business, not a sales-based business. That means we work with you to provide what you need, not what we want you to buy. We believe you deserve that respect. The best pest control treatment schedule is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s unique and specific to you. That’s why we start with a pest inspection to evaluate what you need, and only then determine your treatment plan.

Pest control companies each have their own terms and conditions, including guarantees and warranties for pest control services. For example, Classic Pest Control offers a one year Exclusion Warranty on all openings diagrammed and sealed by us (certain terms apply), and this is extended to a Lifetime Service Warranty when combined with Rodent Preventative Maintenance Services. It’s always best to ask your pest control provider about their guarantees, terms, and conditions. We put ours in writing so you can clearly see all the details.

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